Routine Podiatry/ Aesthetic Podiatry

Foot care and health should be regarded in the same way as visiting the dental hygienist – as a way to monitor the feet and act upon any care issues.

Routine Podiatry covers a multitude of common foot complaints, which can be managed at The Winchester Foot Clinic.

Aesthetic podiatry can tidy and neaten the feet before, for example, a cosmetic pedicure or holiday.

Corrective Nail Surgery

Painful, in growing toe nails, can become a thing of the past. Corrective nail surgery is the solution, and performed painlessly under local anaesthetic at the Clinic.


  • Nail cutting
  • Management of thickened/damaged nails
  • Callous reduction
  • Corns
  • In growing toe nails
  • Dry and cracked heels
  • Ageing feet
  • Diabetic foot care and advice
  • Management of foot pain
  • Prescription/stock orthoses
  • Each treatment is bespoke and, whatever your concerns, we strive to address all your issues. Our aim is to make your feet feel like new!

Electro Surgery

Electro surgery is performed under local anaesthetic. It provides a very effective solution to persistent, painful hard corns – particularly on the toes.


Prescription (bespoke) or stock orthoses can be prescribed to correct a biomechanical imbalance, resulting in foot and lower limb pain.

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